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Located in north Germany on the coast of the North sea. Deichgrafenhof is a traditional 16th century 'Haubarg' farmhouse refurbished in style to fit modern day comfort.

Whether you are searching for the perfect spot for your next holiday or a venue to throw a memorable wedding or a party.

Deichgrafenhof offers you a total get away from it all experience, allowing you to reconnect  to nature and enjoy an array of relaxing activities. From walks on the near by beach, horse riding, playing golf or just spending quality time with your family.

We offer four apartments of different sizes to accommodate your needs. Each apartment was designed to facilitate our guests with a relaxing modern day environment, while paying tribute to the building's unique historic heritage.

Our apartments are to be rented as holiday residence on long terms only (minimum 1 year).


Come stay with us in a building accommodation you will never want to leave. 
We offer unique spacious places where you can let your body, mind and soul relax. Allowing you to recharge your batteries to their optimal potential.


Each apartment is individually designed, built by local craftsmen using historical materials combined with contemporary style. The colours of the surroundings  playing  an important element for their design inspiration. 



The largest apartment in the Haubarg with 120 square of meters, suitable for 4 people.

The DeichgrafenhofSuite features a modern kitchen, spacious living room and dining areas accompanied by a cosy fireplace. Moreover, both bedrooms have their own en suite bathroom.
With a glorious view of the golf course and meadow, we assure you the outmost relaxing setting for the ingrown garden of your soul.

Our apartments are to be rented as holiday residence on long terms only. (minimum1year). 
For 2021 the DeichgrafenhofSuite is fully booked.

The Nest


A cuddly small apartment with a private terrace with 45 square meters of living space suitable for 2 people.
The Nest is a playful romantic setting, winding in the historical part of the Haubarg. Allowing you to enjoy pure privacy with marvelous views of your green surroundings.


Our apartments are to be rented as holiday residence on long terms only.
 ( minimum 1 year). 



A spacious apartment with 90 square meters of living space suitable for 4 people.

The DreamCatcherLounge is located in the annex and decorated with a bright modern design using the colours that reflect the appearance of the North Sea beach.

With two separate full bedrooms, terrace and large private garden. It borders directly on the golf course and creates the perfect setting for vivid daydreaming.

Our apartments are to be rented as holiday residence on long terms only.
( minimum 1 year). 
For 2021 the DreamcatcherLounge is fully booked.



With 65 square meters of living space suitable for 4 people. This bright apartment ties together modern design and historical elements. 

The LateRiserLoft  features an open historic roof dating all the way back to 1774. Some of the wooden elements were restored with old wood from the horse stables by our carpenter. 

With a gorgeous master bedroom and an additional room with two built-in alcoves.
It creates a lovely relaxing setting  complete with a private terrace, garden and view over the golf course.

Our apartments are to be rented as holiday residence on long terms only.
( minimum 1 year). 
For 2021 the LateriserLoft is fully booked.

Throwback Thursday .))

We are not offering this service any longer.

However, it was fun and we thank everyone who mingled with us :))


Fresh + healthy products all grown locally
Meeting - Melting - Entertaining

Dear Friends and Guests of The DUKE,

As of spring 2021 we decided to end our restaurant adventure. 
For us it was fun and we really enjoyed this experience. However, as our main competencies are in
business management and psychology, we had to take the decision to focus on our expertise.
( www.heyman-group.com or www.traxx-factory.com)
A big THANK YOU!... to all: our friends, guests and most of our employees.
You made this journey
a successful and memorable one
in our lives. 



 e-mail: fun@deichgrafenhof.de

memories of our adventure

leisure time

Besides relaxing walks on the beach and the green surroundings you can enjoy a variety of relaxing activities


Golfing ... for everyone

The Deichgrafenhof is attached to wonderful patch of beautiful green  


Take a soothing bike trip around nature and enjoy a big gulp of fresh air 

Kite Surfing 

Fly high and kiss the sky with our local kite surfing expert


Book Surfing

We have a huge selection of books in our library from deep to comical reads  

...And many more activities


Esing 7, 25881 | Tating, Germany


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