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A Declaraion of love to an old Lady


When you come to the Deichgrafenhof, you immediately feel a sense of relaxation, of peace;
the fresh air makes you want to breath in deeply, gently allowing you to stop, to let go.

The world turns a bit slower here. The Haubarg faces you with a cool serenity that can only be achieved at the ripe old age of 410 years. She has seen wars, survived floods. Yet, nothing has thrown her off her tracks. A similar affect transcends to her guests; problems are placed into context, put into perspective and often find a solution or fade away.

It was this grandeur that captured us when we first entered the Deichrafenhof. Admittedly, the ‘old lady’ has suffered a bit. Her hairstyle was a tad run down, face scratched and evidently been through some rough patches in her long history.

However, we immediately felt the desire to revive this ’Bijoux’, located 4,5 km from the magnificent sandy beach of St. Peter Ording, near a tourist stronghold, far far away from the hustle and bustle.


Our intention was to create a place of being, of friendly encounters. A spot that inspires togetherness, of mutual respect and relaxation - to establish a small community that intertwines ease and depth.

Anyone who can identify with this “Zeitgeist” is welcome regardless of his or hers nationality, skin colour, religion and status.

You ought to move freely on the site as guests and friends, with no governing rules. We stand by common decency and values of modern education. Our visitors respect and accept one fellow human to another, without disturbing or critiquing each other’s beliefs and activities. Simply put, treat and value others well-being and property as you would treat your own.


Children are allowed to be children, celebrating their curiosity is an integral part of their holiday; the two hectare property surrounding the old lady wants to be explored, discovered and reveal it's many secrets.


We look forward to hosting you here, 


Christiane and Thomas

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